Job Openings Mistress Victoria Is Recruiting

Los Angeles Dominatrix, Mistress Victoria Hunter aka "The Boss" has a job opening for you! submissive slaves, masochists, fetishists and sissy maids, pick your task & make Domina Victoria proud. Whether you have visited Mistresses Orange County BDSM Dungeon in person or a devoted, long distance fan, you'll find your calling. Get involved, in a significant way & become a part of Ms. Victoria's crew.

fired gardener today...3rd one in 6 mo's...he tried 2 "bat his eyes" pleading forgiveness... r easier to handle... ~Twitter feed

The Boss

Has a job for you! Whether you have visited Los Angeles Domina, Mistress Victoria in person or not, doesn't matter. Whether this is your first time to My website or the hundredth time, doesn't matter. Long overdue is, Mistresses appeal to get all devoted, slave & sissy fans involved, in a significant way. Take a look below and become a part of Ms. Victoria's crew, today.

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You've Got A Talent

It could very well be, your personally good at and really enjoy, doing one of the tasks needed. After all, every submissive slave & sissy wants to feel needed. Mistress has supplies, what are you waiting for?

You've Got The People

Many have already experienced, or are currently in the midst of a construction remodel and have a trusted crew to rely on. Send them over, arrangements can be made to maintain discretion.

You've Got The Means

Blessed with extra's you can contribute & significantly make a dent in Mistresses list. Donations may be sent directly to the contractor or discreetly to Me. Private and Anonymous bank wires also available.

I am a powerful and motivated woman. Make no mistake. For those that come in contact with Me, I likewise, love to lift up, encourage, inspire & motivate. It's always been that way. A short time ago & within the same week, 3 separate visitors, seemingly impressed with The Clinic's surroundings and such, asked Me, "how do You, do do You do...all that You do?" Mind you, I'm sure this question has been posed to me, at sometime in the past, or at least, wondered. My automatic response was a smile & some mindless comment... A week later, I was in the hospital.

During My 5 week stay, it was brought to My attention, I am not, Super Woman. I do have limitations and have been, for a very long time, pushing those limits. As it is, with all, alpha males in the world, Mistress has been operating Her life, similarly; "doing & not asking" I've decided to change that. Although I had always intended to get around to creating this type of page...I didn't, so here now, is My announcement and it will remain so.

I have one of the most successful, longest running, practices in the world. I'm busy, have multiply plates with many different hats, I can't be in two places at once. Mistress needs assistance, it's time. It is important for My continued success, to minimize and simplify stresses, so I can continue providing, high-caliber experiences, of which, I've come to be known for. This page is filled with stresses that have remained. Taking them from Me, is one of the greatest gifts you can give Me. Thank you, as always, for your continued support & dedication!

Joyfully pressing on ~V

This is where I will post the latest jobs in progress and images, so all may see the tasks at hand, come to a final completion...Hooray!

slaves & sisses task report


An absolute Top Priority. Total or partial donations towards the bid of 15k are encouraged. Contributions may be made directly to the roofing contractor, or made discreetly to Me.


A complete kitchen remodel was done from someone I thought trustworthy...countertops and door/draw fronts, are missing. A quick fix for someone who wants to finish this job!


Driveway demolition and replacement with either a new pour or pavers. The driveway is long and continues beyond the electronic gates. A significant job, but slam dunk for a contractor. Bid is unknown.


Mistress has a wholesale account with Dunn Edwards for supplies. The Clinic, is a vintage building, so detailed attention is necessary. Come paint, send quality painters or contribute towards the bid of 5k.


Back & forth, for far too long...bury it or remodel it? Although My preference is to remodel, it is costly. Are you a pool contractor or known one? Make contact or be outlandishly generous & contribute towards the 25k bid.


Termite tenting of the building, overdue. Do you have a termite company, you've already worked with? Send them or arrange for this important service to be done for Mistress. Bid 2k.

Vintage Windows

1941 dble hung windows are throughout The Clinic, re-glazing of exteriors needs to be done & new weight balances, installed. This is an "old-school" craft, with very few artisans, left in the window industry. Bid of 4k.


I love spending time in the gardens, especially between sessions. This task is significant , but can be built, over time. Both hardscape & softscape are desired. Bid is unknown.


Miscellaneous plumbing work needed at The Clinic. An annoying faucet drip, a questionable waste line, previously installed, needs another opinion.

Eager to assist?.. I know. Please stand by, I'm updating My, sissy slave requirements for these positions!

This position best suited for those, who reside near, Dungeon OC. Errand boy, will be responsible and accountable to Ms. Victoria and may be called upon, in advance or last minute.
  • personal shopping for groceries, dungeon supplies & dry cleaning
  • watering of the gardens
  • putting out weekly trash cans
  • conduct online, search & review recommendations, for dungeon equipment
Mistress, i'll be Your errand boy!

Los Angeles Dominatrix, Mistress Victoria continues Her annual tradition of, Slave Labor Day, held at DungeonOC. Working side by side, submissive slaves, sissy's, masochist & kinksters of all varieties, celebrate the day in labor, for Ms. Victoria. slave tasks are assigned & supervised. Humiliating punishments doled out for incompetencies. While waiting for this adventurous day, whether a participant or long distance spectator, you may contribute supplies via Home Depot eGift card, sent with love to

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Rubber slut bethany, caulking windows; a tedious job, well done.
los angeles dominatrix Femdom, los angeles, BDSM, fetish, female domination, session, professional mistress, California BDSM, la dungeon
Well overdue chimney cleaning, compliments of slave michael.
los angeles dominatrix Femdom, los angeles, BDSM, fetish, female domination, session, professional mistress, California BDSM, la dungeon
Slave thomas, aka toilet boy & drip fixer, replacing a broken valve.

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