Little Fatties Program

Are you a little fattie? Join My porky stable, with strict coaching and transform your hopes and dreams into a reality. Mistress Victoria is a great motivator and will whip you into shape. Be prepared and sincere because once started, there is no turning back. Forced fitness program, recorded accountability and failure punishments. Los Angeles fatties, move your lardy, lazy, fat ass.

Little fatties weight loss program Mistress Victoria Hunter LA  strict coaching domina dressed in black leather, instructs fat porky slaves for goals at Private LA dungeon

    Coaching With Mistress Discipline

    Although, Ms. Victoria’s discipline coaching, has found success with little fatties, it also works splendidly well, for other vices you may wish, to be rid of. Distasteful habits such as, smoking, over-eating and procrastination. Perhaps you wish to improve your finances? Mistress is a genius and will devise your own customized program. It will be strict and regulated, tracking your progress and/or failures.

    Fatties Requirements

    Mistress needs a before and after picture in your birthday suit, front and back. Your face is not needed. My fatties must see their MD’s for a complete check up, including a comprehensive blood panel and present it to Me, upon your first visit. Little fatties are required to see Me a minimum, once a month, to check in for weight and measurements and if needed appropriate punishment for not reaching our agreed upon monthly goal.

    i found Mistress Victoria, who was willing to motivate me with the aid of her cane against my tender ass. Mistress Victoria’s motivation helped me to succeed by losing 40 pounds in less than 4 months.~Montery, CA

    Physical Training

    My personal trainer is waiting for you. If you happen to live in My area, how fortunate you are. I have the best physical trainer; a true gifted and caring individual.

    Have you worn a tutu before? No? Your in for a treat, I’ve got a sweet pink one and brand new white tights. Yes, there are boy ballerinas. I’m going to take you to My dance studio and together we’ll burn some calories…or perhaps your more into the yoga thing…

    Either way, you’ll be forced to move your lardy, lazy, fat ass, for Mistress.

    Failure To Comply

    Punishments for failures will be directly related to the number of pounds and inches, gained or not lost, per our initial agreement

    Additional punishments will also be inflicted for failing to follow any and all instructions

    Both monetary and corporal methods will be used, as Mistress finds this a very effective motivator

    Much appreciation given to Mistress Sidonia for permission to post and share Her photo. See more here

    Treatment Regime

    Detoxification of your body by various methods. Mistress and another may be involved in this process

    The reading and studying of materials. Quiz’s will be given to insure your compliance

    Strict food and liquid intake; recorded and presented to the Mistress when asked

    Agility and physical testing

    Forced fitness program including, cardio and strength training; recorded and presented to the Mistress when asked

    Vitamin and mineral daily intake required

    Restrictions and control of any and all releases; chastity devices to be worn 24/7, if necessary

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