A Medical Fetish Hospital

Emergency in California? Visit, Nurse Hunter at the Clinic, a real former nurse, turned dominatrix, treating medical fetish patients in Los Angeles and Orange County. A wide range of full strength prescriptions, fantasy treatments and therapies. What will your diagnosis be? Will the Mistress, subject you to a painful or sensual experience? (Content still being added).

Medical Fetish Los Angeles Dominatrix  Victoria Hunter treats kinky patients gnynological chair with enemas, psycho ward, doctor nurse role play examinations, rubber restraints, latex bondage sounds, catheters  suturing needle piercing, infusions Orange County Clinic white room Los Angeles Klinic
Not only is she beautiful herself, but she has an expertly equipped Clinic, and her knowledge of her specialties is SUPERB! She’s definitely the very best, and I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone who needs a True Nurse! ~ Baltimore, MD

Fetish Nurse Examinations

Will your Nurse subject you to a sensual, yet painful experience? Will you act out your prepubescent fantasies, secretly wanting to touch yourself?  The Nurse who has all knowledge is waiting for you. Once on the examination table, your simple hospital gown offers you little protection. Official British, rubber or surgical nurse attire. The only true, genuine “White Room” on the West Coast.

Kinky Medical Therapies

You will be forced, to turn over complete control of all bodily effluences to the Nurse and your condition will be treated accordingly. Treatments are often administer in a sensual and relaxing way. If however you become a reluctant patient, you will be forced to endure your treatment while restrained and could result in an intense experience. Custom made treatments for incontinent and erectile dysfunction. Extended sessions are highly recommended.

  • medical-fetish-mistress
  • Medical Fetish Torture Mistress Victoria Hunter, Los Angeles dominatrix LA dungeon rubber gloved hand holding Bengay preparing to torture slaves balls
    Medical Fetish, Sadistic Nurse Victoria
  • fetish nurse Victoria hunter in red patent leather thigh high boots and kinky nurses outfit sitting on gyn examination table
    Medical Fetish Play, Nurse Mistress
  • equipment-bdsm-medical-fetish
  • Electro Stim electro sex electrical stimulation prodom session Mistress Victoria Hunter, Los Angeles dominatrix LA private dungeon
    Medical Fetish Play, E-Stim Stimulation
  • Scrotal Breast Saline Infusions Medical Fetish Mistress Victoria Hunter, Los Angeles dominatrix LA dungeon Balls Nipple torture rings, forced femme
    Scrotal & Breast Saline Infusions | Mistress Victoria Hunter
  • Kinky Nurse Bondage Shaving
  • Venus 2000 Male Milker Mistress Victoria Hunter, Los Angeles dominatrix LA dungeon, medical fetish clinic tortures and denies males
    Medical Fetish, Venus 2000 Milking Machine
  • Enema Fetish Nurse Mistress Victoria Hunter, Los Angeles dominatrix LA dungeon, medical fetish clinic, bardex, colon tubes, solutions for enema play
    Medical Fetish, Bardex, Enemas & Colon Tubes

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