Mistress Victoria looked very angry. She towered over my kneeling form, arms crossed, and a wooden hairbrush paddle in Her hand. Her eyes raked across my flabby naked body, disgusted at my lack of progress. Well billy, She said, knowing that you worked hard at the gym at least 4 times a week over the past month, I can hardly believe how little extra muscle I see. Of course, Mistress knew exactly why there was little evidence of new muscle. Even though i had been working out religiously at the gym, i had been eating junk food every bit as religiously. Any new muscle i had developed was buried under fat that wasn’t going anywhere. Eating like a pig and masturbating three times without permission is just plain childish billy I think stronger measures are called for. i shuddered at the thought of what those stronger measures might entail


i should go back and explain what all this means. A year and a half ago, i was weighing in at about 240 pounds, with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. At 40 years old, i was in danger of falling completely apart. i was desperate to lose some weight and start (and continue) an exercise routine. Every other time i tried this, i always lacked the willpower to continue. i found Mistress Victoria, who was willing to motivate me with the aid of her cane against my tender ass. Believe me, failing to meet weight loss or exercise goals is not a good idea when Mistress has you strapped down to Her punishment horse.
Mistress Victoria’s motivation helped me to succeed by losing 40 pounds in less than 4 months and getting me to the gym on a regular basis
Mistress Victoria’s motivation helped me to succeed by losing 40 pounds in less than 4 months and getting me to the gym on a regular basis. Eventually, i figured i was on-track and didn’t see Mistress for several months. As you may have guessed, my eating habits suffered and i started getting lazy about getting to the gym. i saw my weight starting to creep up a few pounds. Visions of putting that weight back on didn’t sit well with me. i contacted Mistress Victoria and asked for help with my diet and exercise routines again. Mistress weighed me in at 203 pounds and looked disappointed at my flabby midsection. One and a half years of exercise had been mainly cardiovascular exercise, with very little muscle strengthening. Fat deposits were stubbornly clinging to my body. Mistress caned me 5 times for each pound over 200. She left marks that lingered for two weeks! Mistress waxed all my pubic hair, leaving me bald and smooth as a little boy. Mistress also ordered me to hand over all my mens underwear. you’ll be wearing panties this month. Men’s underwear are forbidden for you. Wouldn’t it be funny if you were caught bald and wearing panties? She laughed at the thought of my possible humiliation.

Mistress set goals for me to complete at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise and 30 minutes of weight lifting 4 times a week. Failure to meet this goal would become increasingly painful, as each missed exercise would double the punishment from the previous. Missing even two exercise sessions would result in 15 strokes of the cane. Something I didn’t relish. Caning punishment would also hold for any weight over 200 pounds. Being single and unattached, i tend to masturbate quite often, sometimes 4 or 5 times a week. Mistress knew of this habit and added a restriction to my masturbation habits. It was going to be 5 weeks until i could visit Mistress again for a weigh-in and punishment. Mistress allowed me to masturbate once per week, starting the second week. This would allow me four times prior to the next session. Thinking about not masturbating, made me very horny and the first week was torture. i barely made the first week before i came. i only lasted 3 more days until the second time. i somehow managed to wait the eleven days until the next time, but shamefully came twice the same day! On top of that, i came again 2 days later! That was 5 times instead of the allowed 4 and two of the four early.

Now i was kneeling before Her, looking flabby and guilty of masturbating 3 times without permission. bill, before I weigh you to see what further punishment you will receive, lets talk about what I see before Me.

What I see is an immature little boy, stroking his pee-pee with one hand, while eating cookies with his other!
What I see is an immature little boy, stroking his pee-pee with one hand, while eating cookies with his other! i bowed my head in shame. It was all true. Well, if you want to act like a little boy, then I’m going to treat you like one! your name around here is billy, until I see evidence that you are growing up, Mistress Victoria stated sternly. Do you understand me billy? What’s your name? Yes Mistress, i understand, my name is billy and im a little boy. Good. Now billy, what happens to little boys who misbehave? Mistress asked. They get spanked, Mistress, i said glumly. That’s correct billy. Unfortunately for you, I have already decided on a caning punishment for your masturbation habits. I think the spanking will be for your eating habits. Don’t you think that’s fair billy? Shocked at prospect of two painful punishments, i managed to croak out yes Mistress.

Mistress continued on breezily, as if going over a to do list

Mistress continued on breezily, as if going over a to do list, you were 4 days early on the first error, 4 strokes plus 1 stroke for your first error. you were 7 days early on the second error, 7 strokes plus 2 strokes for your second error. That’s a total of 14 strokes
my head was leaping way forward to that dreaded third error
That’s not so bad, is it? No Mistress, my head was leaping way forward to that dreaded third error. I’ve decided to let you choose your punishment for the third error billy, She said with a smile. Now, I’ve decided that you have to receive at least 15 strokes for the third error billy. It has been 10 days since you last masturbated and I’m sure you’d love to cum. I’ll tell you right now, it’s likely you won’t be allowed to masturbate for at least 2 more weeks, so think about it carefully. The bargain is this: I will allow you to try to masturbate for 15 minutes, not one second more. For every minute, rounded up, it takes you to cum; I will add one more stroke to your punishment. If you give up or the 15 minutes expires, you will automatically receive the 15 plus 15 strokes. If you choose not to try, it will be just the initial 15 strokes. Oh, one more thing. If you succeed, you must collect all your cum in this specimen cup. I’ll decide later, which of your two holes it will disappear into!

It had been 10 days since i last masturbated and i was going a little crazy. As much as i hated the cane, i didn’t want to wait 2 more weeks to masturbate again. i agree to try and masturbate, Mistress. Excellent! We’ll start with that, then onto the spanking. I know spanking hurt so much more after boys are drained!

Mistress handed me the specimen cup and set the timer for 15 minutes
Mistress handed me the specimen cup and set the timer for 15 minutes. Start now, Mistress Victoria stated. Knowing the cane strokes were adding up and that this might be my last time for two or more weeks made me a little desperate. i struggled to relax, but the minutes were slipping away. Finally, after about 10 minutes had expired, i felt progress being made. With less than 1 minute remaining, my cock was ready to erupt. And erupt it did! 10 days had allowed for an exceptionally large amount of cum to be produced. i was shocked by how much was in that specimen cup. I was also a little shocked that I was already up to 44 cane strokes without even a weigh-in yet. Mistress Victoria took the cup from me, saying I believe you really haven’t masturbated in 10 days billy! This will be fun later on! With that,
She put the cup into the refrigerator to cool and sat down in a chair, hairbrush in hand
She put the cup into the refrigerator to cool and sat down in a chair, hairbrush in hand. Now its time for the bad little boy to get his spanking for eating all those sweets. Get across my knees right now little boy! Yes Mistress, as i positioned myself across her lap. Mistress made sure my legs were spread as far as possible and still stay balanced. She wanted good access to the inside portions of my cheeks. You don’t need to count these, billy. With that, there was a loud SMACK as the first blow landed. Blow after blow landed on my ass, as
My grunts grew louder with each blow, steadily becoming wails, and finally cries
She methodically tanned every square inch She could reach. My grunts grew louder with each blow, steadily becoming wails, and finally cries. Mistress enjoyed listening to the sounds of my pain and resolutely continued until my whole ass was glowing. Satisfied with Her work, Mistress ordered me to the medical room and to lie down on the medical table. As i sat on the table, i nearly jumped back off from the pain. i eased my way onto my back, keeping as much weight off my butt as possible. Mistress walked in a couple minutes later, carrying restraints. She then proceeded to secure me to the table, legs spread wide. She inspected my pubic area as i realized that She was preparing to wax me again. Mistress snapped a few shots with her camera for her website, then proceeded to thoroughly remove every hair in that area. Ah, now that is how little boys look, she said laughing. Mistress untied me from the table and ordered me to flip over. She then secured me to the table in the same manner.

my eyes grew wide as i realized that my freshly spanked ass was about to be waxed

my eyes grew wide as i realized that my freshly spanked ass was about to be waxed! If i hadn’t been tied down, the hot wax would have caused me to leap off the table as it touched my abused skin. When Mistress ripped the wax strip off my ass for the first time, a loud cry escaped my lips. Tsk, tsk, I guess this little boy will have to be gagged. Mistress stuffed a ball gag in my mouth and secured it firmly. There, that’s better. Mistress continued to wax every hair off my ass, even those between my cheeks. you’re looking more and more like a little boy every minute, billy! She said gaily. Mistress Victoria looked at her watch and said, Ah, finished just in time. Get dressed billy, you have an appointment. As i found out in a few minutes, i had an appointment at a local salon for a full body wax. I had to remove all my clothing for the thorough waxing. When the women doing the waxing saw my bright red behind, they laughed, having a pretty good idea why i was being waxed.
With the humiliation, my penis retracted, becoming very tiny
With the humiliation, my penis retracted, becoming very tiny. One woman noticed and said, with his little pecker and no hair, he looks just like a little boy! All the women, including Mistress laughed. All i could do was take it, as every hair from my neck to my toes was methodically removed. my underarms were tricky, as im very ticklish, but they managed, with even more mirth. As the women finished up, Mistress Victoria stepped up and said, One thing little boys can’t do is cum, so you get to wear this chastity device until I decide you’re grown up enough to cum. She made sure the other women heard this. They all stepped up and watched Mistress lock the device to my genitals. It was designed for long term wear and was now locked in place and only Mistress Victoria had the key. The women thought that my tiny cock encased in a chastity device was hysterical. Mistress Victoria then said, I have one more thing for you, billy. Bend over the table. With that, She lubricated a medium sized butt plug and proceeded to working it into my rectum. When it was fully seated, one woman said laughingly That’s the proper position for this little boy. With that, Mistress let me dress and pay the women, along with a healthy tip. Mistress then took us back to the Her dungeon for the weigh in. She removed the plug and chastity device to get an accurate weight. Additionally, the chastity device can’t be worn during a caning, as it prevents lying on ones stomach. I stepped on the scale as ordered, while Mistress closely checked the weight. 202 pounds, She announced. That’s 10 more strokes with the cane. How many does that make altogether? Knowing that this was a test, where She already knew that answer, i honestly answered 54, Mistress. i found myself well secured to Mistress punishment stand, ass high in the air, awaiting the swish of the cane. i was gagged as well, Mistress knowing this was going to be a very painful punishment. The caning was a nightmare of unrelenting pain. Mistress would stop occasionally to allow the pain to die down, but it never felt like long enough. By the time Mistress finished caning me, i was a blubbering mess. She released me from my bindings. As i shakily stood up, Mistress was reattaching the chastity device, locking it in place. you can ask for it to be removed any time you want, Mistress Victoria said, but an answer will cost you 25 strokes of the cane, paid in advance! It’ll then cost you 2 strokes per minute until you cum. you’d better hope I say yes I will give you a key, in case of emergency. If you use that key and it’s not what I consider an emergency, today’s punishment will seem like a walk in the park! Remember, as soon as you showed up for training, that tiny piece of flesh between your legs became My property. Do you understand billy? Yes Mistress. I’ve decided your ass has seen enough attention today, billy. This cup of cum is your food for the rest of the day. After you get home, you may only have water until tomorrow morning. In addition, there will be no tv, no computer, no phone. you will go straight to bed. Do you understand billy Yes Mistress. Since you weighed over 200 pounds, you will spend another month in panties. Now drink up i tried to swallow the whole load as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, since it was chilled,
i was forced to warm it in my mouth before it would slide readily down my throat
i was forced to warm it in my mouth before it would slide readily down my throat. The slimy, salty load wanted to make me retch, but i managed to get it down. Eating my own cum was not something i looked forward to doing again anytime soon. As if reading my mind, Mistress Victoria said, By the way, every time you cum from now on, the whole load shall be collected and either consumed or injected into your rectum. When injected, it will be allowed to trickle out and down your leg, without your cleaning it. Is this understood billy? Yes Mistress.

Good, now get dressed, go home and go to bed

One Little Fatties Story