Discipline & Corporal Punishments

Domestic discipline and OTK spankings, administered by a firm, yet loving Ms. Hunter. Appropriate amounts of Corporal Punishment, doled out for insubordination and for the worst of offenders, an intense Judicial penalty from a sadistic Mistress. Scenes may include, humiliating acts, embarrassing positions and intense role play.

Domestic Discipline

Discipline doesn’t have to hurt, not physically, corrections may be attained without resorting to any forms of corporal punishment. Mistress can bring about a change in unacceptable behavior by simply administering a firm tongue lashing, humiliating acts, mouth-soaping for inappropriate language or punishment enemas; soapy and prolonged. Confinement or corner time, enforcing a penalty or denying you something pleasant or desirable. I am both, mature and experienced enough to take in hand, the most disobedient of subjects.

Corporal & Judicial

Corporal punishment; the deliberate infliction of pain. Mistress will determine which method to be most effective, which may involve a combination of spankings and whippings, leading on to caning. Corporal sessions are always adjusted to your tolerance level and I do have the ability and skill to administer a firm corporal punishment… one you will feel, without leaving any marks. I am often the strict aunt or disdainful school teacher. Judicial penalty; a very severe and extreme session with just as much intensity in role play application, interrogation scenes, prisoner scenarios and blackmail. Usually involves the use of canes and birch, tawse, thick floggers, prison straps, fraternity paddles and leather belts.

Safe words are always given and honored, however in My practice, it is extremely rare when one is used. As an experienced disciplinarian, I am adept in reading body language and will make adjustments, if your truly under stress.

Traditional Spankings-OTK

Over Miss Hunter’s knee, how humiliating a good spanking can be. You and your fresh rosey bottom, may now stand in the corner, hands on your head to ensure further humiliation. Miss Hunter adores her drawer full of rubber soled shoes, house slippers, hairbrushes, paddles and kitchen spoons. Warm ups are given, however depending on Miss Hunter’s day, your wallop may begin with a harsher start.

domestic discipline and corporal caning birch whipping punishments Orange County Mistress Victoria Hunter role play babysitter strict teacher humiliates submissive men OTK spankings, wearing black leather skirt, nylons and high heels holding wooden hairbrush at Her LA Dungeon

Listen to a Real Cry Baby taking his lesson, while over Mistresses lap. Squirming with each blow, crying real tears, he feels better afterwards, knowing how deeply necessary it was. In the midst, with intense emotions rising, you may find yourself crying out, “mommy,” “auntie”…Mistress understands…it’s all good. Implement utilized, The Scottish Tawse.

judicial Corporal Tawse penalty for undisciplined male subs, Orange County Mistress Victoria Dungeon implements, paddles rubber soled shoes leather whips. english birch, caning available


Wood & rubber paddles

Hair brushes, rubber soled shoes & slippers

Canes, nettles & birch

Crops, floggers & single tails

Horsehair & rubber whips

Lochgelly & Glasgow tawse

Prison straps, fraternity paddles & leather belts

Discipline Corporal sentencing Mistress Victoria Hunter, Los Angeles Dominatrix, OTK humiliating  spankings giving to male submissive while bent over desk, pants dropped to ankles, severe birch, cane, whippings, by sadistic domme for Judicial penalties
Disciplinarian Mistress Victoria Hunter punishes domestic scenes, slaves with hairbrush and leather belt strap retributions at Los Angeles Dungeon


Classic over the knee

Secured to spanking bench

Secured to bondage bed

Over teachers desk

Spread eagle & bound

Standing bent over, holding ankles

Suspended; prone, supine or inverted

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More Punishments

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