How To Book A Session

Craving a mind altering session, with one of Los Angeles’ hottest Dominatrix? How to book a session with Mistress Victoria Hunter, provides new dungeon visitor’s, booking details and the process, for making an successful appointment.

How to book session  Los Angeles Domina Victoria Hunter wears rubber latex dress, high heel stilettos while newbies application deposit are sent  bdsm fetish appointments, Mistresses Private LA dungeonHow to book session  Los Angeles Domina Victoria Hunter wears rubber latex dress, high heel stilettos while newbies application deposit are sent  bdsm fetish appointments, Mistresses Private LA dungeon

Flying Off With A Smile

You are beautiful, elegant, delightful and very very good at what you do. Am flying off with a smile on my face from ear to ear. ~South Africa

    • Booking notice, please plan accordingly. My calendar gets booked several weeks in advance, the more notice you provide, the better chance of getting your preferred date. Session requests are made by submitting a Session Questionnaire or by emailing the contact form below.

      Deposits All first time visitors, are required to submit a non-refundable deposit, to secure appointments. Please send $200 via Square Up.

      Same Day if available, are for established guests in good standing and must be made, before 11am to avoid “walk in” rate ($500/hr). Same day, for new visitors are rare, but have occurred and are considered, on a case to case basis. If accepted and an opening is available, it would be at “walk in” rate.

      Duration Sessions in My dungeon generally run between 3-16 hours. Most popular are 2-4 hours and extended session time, 6-8 hr is preferred for certain scenes. You WILL be blown away and you WILL want to explore the entire facility, with its multiple theme rooms and massive amounts of equipment.

      Short Session of 35 min, exclusively designed for spankings, caning & paddling are available to My regular submissives, needing a quick correction.

      Cancellations Should you need to cancel or reschedule, I maintain a strict cancellation policy with 72 hr minimum notice, longer for weekend and extended sessions. If not adhered to, you will be charged 100% of session time booked. Should you fail to pay your bill, invitation to return, will be denied.

      Telephone 714 667 0222, is My preferred mode of communication and is always advised, if needing a quick reply. personally answer My phone, if available, between 8am–8pm. If directed to voicemail, always leave a detailed message, as with My Email rant, if you fail to leave a complete message, it will be deleted.

      Text Messages are only allowed with individuals I know and have been given prior consent to use.

    • Rates per hour, for a Professional Dominatrix session, vary within the USA; $325-$450. My rates are on the higher end, reflecting 20 years, of specialized, professional skill & My studios, overall surroundings, which include highly-unusual equipment levels.

      Newbie Notice I receive many inquires everyday, from seriously uninformed or mis-informed individuals. If your only session experience has been with a non-Pro, (or commercial dungeon), understand there are vast differences, of which one, will be price. There is no such thing as a $200 session with Me.

      Payment Method I offer several methods to pay tribute, please see My payment options page.

      Hours I schedule most of My sessions, Monday thru Friday, from early morning, on. For those truly unable to visit during the week, I can accommodate occasional weekends. Very late, evening appointments, aren’t usually booked, unless I’m motivated by a worthy subject and will be at additional charge.

      Location Orange County, California. Conveniently located near all major freeways, 15 min. from John Wayne Airport, 35 min. from LAX, San Diego, 70- 90 min. 

      Screening all new visitors are screened, this is standard protocol with a Professional Dominatrix and is not a challenging event, it simply ensures we are compatible in interests, that I can feel safe with you & you with Me, that we respect and honor, each others boundaries, privacy & limits. 

      Email  may be used for session requests & confirmations, sending thank you notes, e-gift cards, and/or alerting Me to an interesting article or link. Please know, I have little patience, for back & forth, incomplete, small strings of text, often recieved in emails…which go on and on… its better to pick up the phone and call Me. If you can’t and require more of My attention, then what, 1 or 2 emails will suffice, I will ask you to submit a session tribute, so I can dedicate proper time for you. 

    R equest a session, by submitting a Session Questionnaire (Mistresses preference), by telephone or email. So I may efficiently respond, please be prepared, to supply the following;

    • how you found this site
    • your areas of interests, D/s, medical or sissy
    • level of experience
    • Mistresses you have served (if applicable)
    • last session (who & when)
    • your preferred date, time and duration of session

    All new visitors, are required to submit a non-refundable deposit, to secure appointments, please send, $200 via Square Up

    714 667 0222


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    CANCELLATION POLICY; by submitting this session request, I acknowledge I have read, understand and agree to Mistress Victoria's Cancellation Policy.

    Deposit $200

    What I’d Like Visitors To Know

    For many of you, this may not, even apply (well done!) nevertheless, here they are; the areas I personally view as one’s downfall. Always a challenge for Me to express, balancing the tone of My words, so I do not further add to your apprehension. Not wishing to spend further energy on this, the bottom line is; Mistress wants you to be an informed visitor. So just, put your big boy panties on and suck it up. Take a moment to review now – so you won’t regret it later.

    Whether you are a complete beginner or have many years experience, I welcome you. New and returning visitors, as you review My protocols keep in mind they are meant to guide and empower you.
    Professional Dominatrices are, and rightfully so, selective in who they session with. Those invited to private dungeons, respect and honor not only the Mistresses practice, but her personal life. Review this page and learn why prospective visitors may be turned away.
    Walk in My shoes for a week and you’ll understand why I’ve dedicated a section on communication. These are common sense telephone and email reminders often forgotten. Don’t blow your first impression, follow these scripts when calling. I will know whether you’ve read it. Do you really want Me to punish your more?
    Safe, sane and consensual play. All communication with Me will be kept strictly confidential. I will always respect your privacy, limits, and boundaries. Mistress is always the boss, expect Her to take charge, take over and have fun. Read more here.
    Want to know what percentage of Mistresses visitors are true masochists? Shy to ask about My disinfectant methods? See them all here. Have a burning question, not found within this site? I’d be happy to answer it, submit your questions here.