Online & Long Distance Training

Long-distance dominance, obedience and servitude to Femdom, Victoria Hunter, no matter what remote, part of the world. Online training for slaves, sissy’s, sick patients, chastity wearer’s & those yet determined may apply. Keeping subs on their toes, with strict accountability & assignments. Perfect for those unable to visit Los Angeles, due to distance, discretion, or inhibitions and/or previous visitors, needing continued guidance from The Mistress. (Content still be added).

Long-distance dominance, obedience and servitude to Mistress Victoria Hunter, no matter what remote, part of the world. Online training for slaves, sissies sick patients, chastity wearers, may apply  far away, Los Angeles bdsm dungeon scenes

Far Away, Yet Connected

Have D/s questions, need to bare your soul, unsettled since leaving My presence, a long time fan, gawking from afar? Get yourself connected with Mistress Victoria. Remote training is perfect for previous visitors, and those unable to visit due to distance, discretion, or inhibitions. Mistress is open to discussing all your training needs.

Remote Tasks & Accountability

Little Fatties program
Chastity training, key holding
Nurse/patient, exam & check ups
Erectile dysfunction, impotence
Worldwide kidnap snatches
Crossdressing, self-esteem
Sissification, sissy maid
Adult baby & diapering
Procrastination, irresponsibility
Manhood academy

Fly The Mistress Program

Mistress Victoria is often asked about traveling and yes, I do adore new adventures and will travel for the well deserved and obedient submissive. Set your mind at ease and experience a true, Femdom session. Fly The Mistress, may be arranged anywhere in the world. Make contact, to discuss ideas and particulars. A wonderful adventure to look forward to.

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