A Variety Of Session Options
For A Unique Experience

Playful hand spankings, to a sadistic, welt-raising caning, a wide range of sessions for beginner’s or advanced players. Kink, BDSM Dungeon, Medical Clinic and Sissy Salon. If a specific fetish or area of interest, isn’t seen here, discuss it with Mistress Victoria, as it is common practice to customize and combine scenes.

  • "Sensory deprivation, Los Angeles Victoria Hunter, dominates and punishes male slaves with rubber bondage and mummification at Her private LA dungeon"
    Bondage & Rubber Encasement
  • EStim Erotica cock balls torture, Electro anal prostrate butt plug, penis electrical sounds ProDom Victoria Hunters LA dungeon professionally stocked toys, P.E.S. Folsom PSG 202 Box Eros Tek ultra violet wand Tens units
    E-Stim Erotica
  • hanging wall rack filled with bdsm chrome leather punishing devices
    CBT/NT Tease & Torture
  • Little fatties weight loss program Mistress Victoria Hunter LA strict coaching domina dressed in black leather, instructs fat porky slaves submissives forced on treadmill goals Private LA dungeon
    Little Fatties Program
  • High Heel Fetish Mistress Victoria Hunter Los Angeles Professional Dominatrix LA Dungeon Cuban Stocking
    High Heel Fetish | Mistress Victoria Hunter
  • Role play creative fantasy reenactments Strict LA Domina Victoria Hunter, School teacher submissive school boy wooden school desk forced into humiliating acts, experimental procedures from kinky nurse themed rooms uniforms private Orange County Studio
    Role Play & Reenactment Fantasy
  • Humiliation Play LA Dominatrix Victoria Hunter Humiliates slaves trains male subs with verbal degradation face slapping physically dominating punishing enemas, public embarrassing scenes private Los Angeles Dungeon
    Humiliation Play
  • Nurse Victoria in white doctors lab coat wearing rubber gloves holding rectal thermometer
    Medical Fetish, Nurse Mistress
  • mind control and hypnosis nova pro 100
    Mind Control & Hypnosis
  • Obedience and servitude to Mistress Victoria Hunter, no matter what remote, part of the world. Online training for slaves, sissies sick patients, chastity wearers, may apply Long-distance dominance from Los Angeles dungeon
    Remote & Long Distance Training
  • Chastity Key Mistress Victoria Hunter, Los Angeles dominatrix LA dungeon locked into chastity device and SS hook
    Chastity Training & Key Holding
  • Bondage Mummification, LA Dominatrix Mistress Victoria Hunter, Private Los Angeles Dungeon
    Body Bondage Sack & Mummification
  • Kidnapping role play creative scenes LA Mistress Kidnap Victoria Hunter publicly capturing prisoners torture at dungeon by sadistic los angeles dominatrix snatched victims anywhere, travel fly worldwide to fantasy abductions
    Kidnapping Fantasy
  • Sensory deprivation suspended wearing max cita straightjacket full bodybag with isolation hood Mistress Victoria Hunter LA Dominatrix
    Sensory Deprivation
  • Rubber Dollification Fetish Living female doll transformation, orange county mistress Victoria Hunter LA dominatrix specializes in feminization sissy makeovers brining Rubber doll sluts Southern California Dungeon Studio
    Rubber Doll Fetish
  • black leather bondage bed and leather straps
    Overnight 24/7 Extended Sessions
  • discipline and roleplay punished with wooden rulers
    Discipline & Corporal Punishment
  • crossdressers forced feminization high heels with locks at ankles
    Crossdressing & Sissification

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