FAQs – Victoria Hunter and BDSM Studio

How many collared slaves does Mistress Victoria have? My disinfectant procedures? The most commonly asked questions, about My practice and facility can be found below. This FAQ, answers questions about the BDSM scene, My sessions, facility protocols, safety, discretionary practices, location and nearby hotels. It is, by no means exhaustive, if you have a burning question, not found within this site,  I’d be happy to answer it.

Enrich your knowledge further, How To Make An Appointment With A Dominatrix  a classic written by a SuperDomme ~Much appreciation given to Mistress Simone Justice for permission to post and share Her writings.


A very serious commitment. Make contact to discuss.
Couples who wish to explore new activities within a safe and nurturing environment are certainly welcomed and encouraged to make contact.
I will however, always require speaking with the woman. Men who call with this request, I’ve discovered are often not sincere, calling without the woman’s consent.
Unless for a specific fetish session, wardrobe choices are mine. You may however, politely ask for a request to be considered.
I strongly suggest, you take articles found online regarding, “The Professional Dominatrix,” with a grain of salt.

As with most popular and trendy, “The Professional Dominatrix” bandwagon (circa 2011) and media frenzy that followed (still occurring), made it very acceptable and in vogue, to be “a dominatrix.” Websites went up and although not all, many, became overnight experts, with years of experience. Journalists have had no shortages, of “dominatrix’s” to interview.
Although there are, credible online articles, from trustworthy sources, it is My opinion, they are almost buried, by the number of current articles, (even those from well-known magazines & newspapers) hastily devised.

I advocate the use of a safe word in sessions and always teach new visitors how to use them. In My practice however, it is rare, when a safe word is used. I am an excellent reader of body language, you are always carefully observed, I know when somethings working and when it’s not.
It’s always a pleasure to observe My subs as they slip away into subspace; a major reason for BDSM play. Sub Space can best be described as a euphoric, ecstatic and floaty feeling. As the intensity of the scene deepens, the more euphoric, ecstatic and floaty the feeling. All or parts of subspace can last hours and sometimes days after play; some experience that “positive and serene glow” weeks afterwards.
I always appreciate hearing from you afterwards.
Most find it best to capture their thoughts within the first 24 hours after the session, which allows time to absorb the full impact of the experience. You may email or call Me.

Please always inform Mistress if anything adverse occurred afterwards.

You may read about, Risk-Aware Consensual Kink RACK here.
You may read about Safe, Sane and Consensual, SSC here.

For many of you, this may not, even apply (well done!) nevertheless, here they are; the areas I personally view as one’s downfall. Always a challenge for Me to express, balancing the tone of My words, so I do not further add to your apprehension. Not wishing to spend further energy on this, the bottom line is; Mistress wants you to be an informed visitor. So just, put your big boy panties on and suck it up. Take a moment to review now – so you won’t regret it later.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have many years experience, I welcome you. New and returning visitors, as you review My protocols keep in mind they are meant to guide and empower you.
Professional Dominatrices are, and rightfully so, selective in who they session with. Those invited to private dungeons, respect and honor not only the Mistresses practice, but her personal life. Review this page and learn why prospective visitors may be turned away.
Walk in My shoes for a week and you’ll understand why I’ve dedicated a section on communication. These are common sense telephone and email reminders often forgotten simply due to nervousness. Don’t blow your first impression, follow these scripts when calling. I will know whether you’ve read it. Do you really want Me to punish your more?
Safe sane and consensual play. All Communication with Me will be kept strictly confidential. I will always respect your privacy, limits, and boundaries. Mistress is always the boss, expect Her to take charge, take over and have fun. Read more here.
The booking process is simple, decide what kind of session you’d like, complete and submit the questionnaire, along with required deposit, then call informing Me you have just applied. If a new visitor, be sure to review The Visitor section. Booking details and rates are found on this page. It will be a pleasure to meet you.