What You Can Expect

Victoria Hunter a Los Angeles Dominatrix, practices Safe, Sane and Consensual bdsm play. All communication is kept, strictly confidential, your privacy, limits and boundaries will be respected. Mistress is always The Boss, expect Her to take charge, take over and have fun!


As a professional Dominatrix with a background in nursing, unequivocally, you are in the best of hands. I offer a safe, sane and clean environment, for you to explore your kinks & desires.

While deciding your fate, whether a beginner or advanced player, the well-being and safety for both of us, are paramount. I only offer, SSC & RACK bdsm play. Pre-session communication is conducted, a safe word given and respected, as are, your boundaries and limits. For Mistresses “adrenaline junkies,” please note, although I can and will “push” you, don’t expect me to risk your life in the process. Anything of a serious physical nature, that could put you in the hospital, will not be offered.

Mistress Is Boss

It should be obvious, except to the occasional, disillusioned fool or two, My practice is NOT of the traditional, “customers always come first” variety, there are no “services offered.” Under the guise of professional Dominatrix, you can expect foremost, an unswerving Femdom.

Expect to be poked, prodded, tethered, examined, stretched, stimulated and/or pushed beyond your current mental capability. Although I do and will, take your requests into consideration, submissives, slaves, masochists, bottoms, fetishists & kinksters, serve and submit to Me, for My enjoyment & entertainment. Sharing similar interests, is how we both benefit.

Mistresses all time favorite scenes are those that naturally evolve…how does that happen? It’s simple…you let go… allowing Mistress to take over and take charge…submissive’s rock at this and newbies need training.

My Limits; infantilism scenes, brown/red showers, wrestling, intimate body worship and doing sessions in the nude.


Privacy and discretion, starts with mature and responsible individuals. Although My website is available to the public, I am not. I remain uncompromising in My screening procedures, turning away significant numbers of individuals which perplex many, but by doing so, ensures you and I, a safe & secure environment. Additionally, to further ensure privacy, both yours and Mine, I have found it best to limit public attention, therefore;

I do not rent My space to others

  I decline most interviews & appearances, including authors & academia

  I do not make films or sell online domination clips

I do not accept, want or need reviews on any BDSM sites

I do not participate in online chat boards

Communications, via telephone & email are handled by Me alone, your preferred methods of contact will be noted and respected. Unless given prior permission, you will never receive a telephone call from Me.

Lastly, should our paths meet in the “vanilla world” you will take no notice of Me and I will do the same for you.

What I’d Like Visitors To Know

For many of you, this may not, even apply (well done!) nevertheless, here they are; the areas I personally view as one’s downfall. Always a challenge for Me to express, balancing the tone of My words, so I do not further add to your apprehension. Not wishing to spend further energy on this, the bottom line is; Mistress wants you to be an informed visitor. So just, put your big boy panties on and suck it up. Take a moment to review now – so you won’t regret it later.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have many years experience, I welcome you. New and returning visitors, as you review My protocols keep in mind they are meant to guide and empower you.
Professional Dominatrices are, and rightfully so, selective in who they session with. Those invited to private dungeons, respect and honor not only the Mistresses practice, but her personal life. Review this page and learn why prospective visitors may be turned away.
Walk in My shoes for a week and you’ll understand why I’ve dedicated a section on communication. These are common sense telephone and email reminders often forgotten. Don’t blow your first impression, follow these scripts when calling. I will know whether you’ve read it. Do you really want Me to punish your more?
The booking process is simple, decide what kind of session you’d like, complete and submit the questionnaire along with required deposit, then call informing Me you have just applied. If a new visitor, be sure to review The Visitor section. Booking details and rates are found on this page. It will be a pleasure to meet you.
Want to know what percentage of Mistresses visitors are true masochists? Shy to ask about My disinfectant methods? See them all here. Have a burning question, not found within this site? I’d be happy to answer it, submit your questions here.