Chastity Training & Key Holding

Chastity key holding, an essential lesson in humility and self discipline. Mandatory for all chronic masturbators, sissy maids in training and male subjects wishing to test their manhood. Giving up your power. Whether, you give it to Me, or I take it, Mistress will have control.

Chastity Key Holding male sub training domination by strict LA femdom Victoria Hunter seen holding riding crop wearing equestrian attire Mistresses slave contracts binds you to Her private OC Dungeon

How Very Wonderful

Locked up and brainwashed, under my absolute control. One of Mistresses favorite forms of training. Waves of fear, then excitement will totally consume you. You will eventually, find it an extremely, arousing experience.

If you behave yourself while locked and do as your told, all will be well…well,  that rarely occurs, which is preciously why you need My help. I do find it thrilling, your pleas and cries, begging Me to let you out early. You may find yourself opening your wallet, offering lavish gifts….oh little sissy boy, how weak you are. As the hours, days and possibly weeks go by, you understand My power; becoming completely subservient and reminded of who is in charge.

Turn Over Your Urges

Have you permanently worn out, the crotch of your trousers? Are you starting to realize, you need the discipline that can only, come from chastity training? yet by yourself, to weak minded, to even pursue? Whatever, your level of experience, Mistress has The  Solution.

After a thorough consultation and upon reaching an agreement; one that would most effectively break you of those nasty habits, you will be locked and the key turned over to Me. Our pre-arrangements are solid and never altered. You will love being under My control, develop a deeper appreciation and respect for your Mistress and cum to be very grateful.

Ordering Your Device

Although I do maintain several types of devices, I strongly suggest, due to sizing variables, you secure your own, personal device. I recommend two, which have been favorably worn, by My subs. The CB6000 and The Holy Trainer. (Yes sissy, order the pink one.)

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