Summer 2017 – Candid Reflections

6 Months Later


My last newsletter, sent out in January of this year, brought you information, regarding the overnight, shutting down of Backpage.com.

I have some updates for you…I’m relieved it’s gone…many Others are likewise. Although widely popular, Backpage brought with it, huge amount of problems.

For Myself, the last 1-½ years, were brutally stressful, trolls & stalkers seemed to double during this time, I twice found the need, to seek out legal counsel, to obtain restraining orders for harassment & stalking…3 other, separate occurrences, (during the same time) I rightfully, turned over to the authorities…Why would fucking, child predator’s, contact Me?…it’s a very sick world…and many “highly-visible” ladies, are in direct line of fire.

I feel more relaxed, now that it’s gone and I’m happier. Individuals seeking ProDommes nowadays, must make a concerted effort to search online, which thankfully, automatically, weeds out the insincerities…(most of them).

As a bonus, although My website had always enjoyed high rankings, its increase of visitors, since the shutdown of backpage, has propelled My site, to new & very exciting milestones, with Alexa now ranking it, 789,638 Globally and 124,899 USA!

Although nice, the rankings, not nearly enough compensation, for all the BS backpage, brought into My life! xxx

My life…less stressful, better clientele & soaring rankings…Hooray!

Victoria Hunter @DominatrixLA  London-NYC conversations Today Disheartening…Lost 2 More A-List PROS  “Waterdown Vanilla Dommes, Client Disrespect & Blurred Lines” #WereLosing #RT ~ Twitter Feed

…if the “little boy in the candy store” I suggest you permanently, remove yourself, from My presence…

Scene News – Kink.com


Those who know Me, know, I prefer positivity in discussions & state of mind, so the following won’t be pleasant for Me to discuss, but I’m going to, anyway…because I’m a 20 year, veteran and I care.

If offended and/or “the little boy, in the candy store” I suggest you permanently, remove yourself, from My presence.

2 months after backpage disappeared, My industry experienced another hit. Kink.com shut down…after years of fighting against, California’s condom laws, plummeting revenues and piling lawsuit claims. Here’s what it’s brilliant founder had to say; “there’s just, so many holes you can fill.” I personally don’t like him, never have, & long ago, stopped supporting Kinks work. I had a visitor at the clinic some time ago and gained insider information about Kink.com and its pending lawsuit troubles, those pertaining to, sex worker allegations, (now made public & easily found a online.) Regardless of how “popular” or “in trend” something is…I won’t support businesses which, degrade and coerce women, for the sake of making a buck.

Forecasted correctly, most of us knew what would follow….nevertheless, it has been a hard pill to swallow. I am a stanch supporter of female empowerment and work hard to maintain a woman’s place of respect in the world. I do everything possible to uphold this. I Am after-all, in the business of Female Domination. So it is truly troubling, when “Kinks” out of work porn actresses, who have spent a career, undermining this very principle, decide to move into the Dominatrix business to pay their bills.

Although most have changed their names…online & forever to remain, will be their films, depicting themselves as female slaves, placed in degrading positions, with males, as their masters. The direct opposite of My Female Domination craft, and what I’m deeply passionate about.

Newbies entering the scene, are being seriously misled (again), on what..”Is & Isn’t”… I’m encountering many of them…so I’ll repeat it again, I am an Authentic Dominatrix…never a submissive, not a porn star, nor an escort…turned “dominatrix”…you are never allowed, to engage in sexual acts with Me.

I had always found it refreshing to welcome a talented lady to the scene, frequently, encouraging my own slaves and submissives, to gain a wealth of experience, among other Mistresses. No Longer & No More. one of My, most respectful & well trained slaves of 15 years, not long ago…returned to Me, after a short disappearance, defiantly & boldly…requesting implicit, sexual favors of Me…I know what happened, and where he’d been….you may enjoy, My beating of slave emilo, (before I threw his ass out)…it will be posted, shortly.

Los Angeles and New York, seems to be, the hardest hit. Although London, has been gravely affected, as traveling “dommes” are trying to find their place, which seems to be nowhere. Whether unbeknownst to men, or men who, “like kids in a candy store” don’t care…remains unclear. What is clear however, is the practice of bdsm is permanently changing, for the worst. I do not stand alone, in this belief.

A few brave Mistresses are just now, starting to speak out…pay attention. If you care, do something. Be mindful of the dedicated Women of whom, you should be worshipping & supporting. you have My permission to share this newsletter.

As I close, My thoughts bring Me to questions, only I can answer. I’ll clear My mind, from these, newly revisited unpleasantries, with My yoga practice & perhaps a refreshing holiday.

As always, I thank you for your attention and continued dedication. I am very, very thankful for the longevity of My practice and My devoted following. I remain steadfast.

Be well & stay calm! –V

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